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Still waters run deep for Narrogin artist

Still waters run deep for Narrogin artist -Fiona Sinclair, Southern Forest Arts Through a series of exquisitely painted portraits that meticulously capture a range of people in various states of contemplative solitude, Narrogin artist, Casey Thornton, creates a rare opportunity for visitors to escape the hustle and bustle of their modern lives to relish a moment of peaceful calm and reflection. ‘Quietude’, Thornton’s long-awaited debut exhibition, will be held at Nexis Gallery, Narrogin, from May 2nd to 26th. “I've always found having those little moments of ‘alone time’ to relax, recharge and escape from the stresses and anxieties of daily ...
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Narrogin Artists Contribute to Groundbreaking Project of Statewide Significance

Narrogin Artists Contribute to Groundbreaking Project of Statewide Significance -Fiona Sinclair, Southern Forest Arts Artists, curators and photographers from the Narrogin region are contributing to a legacy of positive impact for WA’s cultural industries as key collaborators in the development of a ground-breaking series of fourteen inter-connected exhibitions titled ‘The Alternative Archive’. Under the guidance of Narrogin curators, Karen Keeley and Cait Stewart, 13 artists from the Narrogin region have developed original artworks to be publicly launched at 6pm on Friday 22 March at NEXIS Narrogin Exhibition Space. Each work responds to a central theme connecting this Narrogin exhibition with ...
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Regional Arts Hubs

Regional Arts Hubs An initiative of Country Arts WA,the Regional Arts Hubs will strengthen the State and arts sector by building creativity, capacity, and connection in and between regional communities. The Regional Arts Hubs will form an interconnected web that will unite the State’s artists, arts workers, arts and culture organisations and audiences. They will be the vehicle for building better relationships in and between local communities across WA. The pilot program was recently launched with four independent regional organisations: Goolarri Media Enterprises (Broome, Kimberley) Nintirri Centre (Tom Price, Pilbara) Arts Narrogin (Narrogin, Wheatbelt) Creative Corner (Margaret River, South West) ...
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Talk from the Town: The Narrogin Elders Project

Talk from the Town: The Narrogin Elders Project - Jon Solmundson, Country Arts WA One of the arts’ greatest wonders is its ability to bring different people together to make something truly moving and original. In Narrogin, the young, the old and the in between created an awesome storytelling project that gave old yarns new life. Talk of the Town: The Narrogin Elders Project came out of the community’s keen awareness that the memories, wisdom and tales of the town’s older generation were one day going to be lost – and for the most part they hadn’t been recorded. It is ...
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Talk from the Town: Narrogin Elders to share their stories

Talk from the Town Narrogin Elders to share their stories Narrogin’s senior citizens sought to share wisdom with the town. ARtS Narrogin have secured funding to engage multi-platform theatre company The Kabuki Drop in an exciting community art project to engage local seniors sharing their personal stories via theatre performance. The project will tap into the wisdom and humour of our senior citizens to offer a very different experience for audiences. A series of workshops to develop storytelling skills will take place between 12th and 18th September, before five local elders will take to the stage for two performances on ...
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Landscapes escape from a locked room

Landscapes escape from a locked room A substantial collection of artworks donated to the Town of Narrogin by Peter Taylor in 2015 will go on public display for the first time on Saturday, 30 April. The paintings, drawings and etchings were collected by Peter’s late wife, Carol, for the most part in secret – hence the exhibition’s title “Landscapes from a Locked Room”. Mr Taylor knew about some of the artworks but most were squirrelled away by his wife without his knowledge. It was only after Mrs Taylor began to be affected by Alzheimer’s and the couple had to move ...
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Stories Off The Wall! Project Fund Success

Stories Off The Wall! Project Fund Success In March this year ARtS Narrogin put together a grant application for the Country Arts WA Project Fund. Entitled ‘Stories off the Wall!’ the project aimed to provide local artists with professional development and mentoring during the design and production phases of a large scale mural project. With this opportunity and support we envisaged that local artists would develop the confidence to tackle future mural projects of their own around Narrogin. In July, we were delighted to hear that our application had been successful and ‘Stories off the Wall!’ could progress full steam ...
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