enRICH Scholarship

enRICH Scholarship


Download the 2020 enRICH Scholarship documents via the links below:

Submit your completed application via email:

2020 Guidelines, Terms and Conditions

The enRICH Scholarship has been established in 2020 in memory of Narrogin local, artist and mentor Joy Rich and in recognition of the support and encouragement she gave to local artists.  The purpose of the Scholarship is to support emerging artists from the Narrogin region to develop their art practice and present their work publicly.

This scholarship provides assistance towards the cost of:

  • Mentoring from an established artist in your artistic field
  • Professional development via attendance at three artist development workshops run by Arts Narrogin
  • Exhibiting work, including space rental, documentation, promotion
  • Material costs

Funding available

One individual will be awarded $1,000 (GST inclusive).

  • $250 towards materials/equipment
  • $750 towards mentoring

Arts Narrogin will provide up to $1950 in-kind support in the following areas:

Workshop fees $150

Staff time $900

Venue hire $200

Marketing $500

Administration $200

Key Dates

ARtS Narrogin Scholarship Program launched:              1 May, 2020

Application closing date:                                                        15 June, 2020

Notification/commencement date:                                      30 June, 2020

Criteria for evaluation

  • The idea/concept/area for experimentation for your work or project
  • Artistic merit in work completed to date
  • Your demonstrated previous experience, creative achievement and skill
  • Proposed plan of how the scholarship will extend your artistic practice and development
  • The suitability of your proposed mentor

A project description addressing the above criteria should be included in your application. (MAX 200 words per point)


Emerging status

Applicants must be an emerging artist.  For the purposes of this application, ‘emerging artist’ means someone who has some specialized training in his or her field (not necessarily gained in an academic institution), who is at the beginning of his or her (artistic) career, and who has created a modest independent body of work.

Eligible artists…

  • Are an emerging artist as per the above description
    • have a focused direction and goals, even while still developing their artistic “voice”
    • have yet to be substantially celebrated within their field, the media, funding circles or the public at large
  • Are a resident of, or have a connection to, the Shire of Narrogin
  • Practitioners working in the following areas:
    • choreographers in Dance
    • film and video directors of animation, experimental, narrative or documentary in Media or Film, Video or Digital Production
    • new media/digital artists (interactive technology, web-based, virtual, interactive, etc.) in Media
    • writers of prose, poetry or creative nonfiction in Literature
    • composers in Music
    • playwrights, solo artists creating their own works, spoken word artists, performance artists and/or directors who lead or oversee the creation of devised work in Theatre
    • painters, sculptors, installation artists, drawing, printmakers, muralists, photographers, public work artists, fibre artists, clay artists and other disciplines within Visual Arts
  • Arts Narrogin employees are not eligible to apply.

Choosing a Mentor

  • This program allows the Artist to work with their Mentor of choice.
  • ARtS Narrogin can assist you with finding a prospective Mentor.
  • Your preferred Mentor MUST agree to Mentor you through the program if your application is selected. This needs to be confirmed in writing as part of your application.

Accessibility and Support

If there is any way that Arts Narrogin can assist in making the application process more accessible for you please contact us on admin@artsnarrogin.com.au or 9881 6987.

Supporting material

Applicants will need to provide the following documentation with the grant application form.

Artist Bio/CV  MAX – One A4 pagePDF (.pdf)2MB
Images of previous work  MAX – 6 Include contextual information, such as the title of the work, creation year, materials and dimensions.PDF (.pdf) or JPEG (.jpg)2MB
Letter of confirmation from your proposed mentor MAX – Two A4 pages This letter needs to confirm his/her consent to being your Mentor if you are selected and a brief overview of how you might structure your mentorship (e.g. how often you might meet, whether it will be in person or via phone, internet, etc.)PDF (.pdf)2MB
Up to two Links (Eg. Video hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or Dropbox, website, social media)Provide URL to external website

Application Process

1.         Read through the Guidelines, Terms and Conditions, and the Application Form.  Both can be found at www.artsnarrogin.com.au or in hard copy by request at ARtS SPACE (80 Federal St, Narrogin).

2.         Research options for a Mentor you would like to work with. You can request suggestions from ARtS Narrogin.

3.         Complete and submit the application form (including provision of essential support material) at www.artsnarrogin.com.au by Midnight, Monday 15 June 2020


POST:       PO Box 1168, Narrogin WA 6312  |  HAND DELIVERED:           80 Federal Street, Narrogin

You are encouraged to contact ARtS Narrogin to discuss your application prior to submission

4.         Applications will be reviewed by a panel consisting of at least three members – an Arts Narrogin board member, a member of the Arts Narrogin Gift Fund committee, and an arts industry professional.

5.         Applicants will be notified of their success by June 30, 2020

Successful applicant requirements


Arts Narrogin will contact successful applicants and their mentors to request a Tax Invoice, or a Statement by Supplier if you do not have an ABN.

If the applicant is unable to provide either, under PAYG Arts Narrogin is required to withhold 46.5% of the Scholarship funds for the Australian Taxation Office.

Payment to successful applicants will be made after notification by direct transfer to the applicant/mentor’s nominated bank account.


Successful applicants must include the following acknowledgement and the Arts Narrogin logo on all promotional or published material including project documentation, in hard copy or online.

This project was assisted by the enRICH Scholarship, established by Arts Narrogin and made possible by donations from the Narrogin community.


Successful applicants may be asked to make themselves available to the media by phone, email or in person following the announcement of winner. They will be asked to make themselves available to attend activities funded by the scholarship.


Successful applicants must submit a 250 word (maximum) acquittal, outlining the impact of the scholarship on their practice. This should be accompanied by three examples of documentation (e.g. invitation, advertisement, review, photographic documentation) within four weeks of completion.  The project must be completed within 12 months.  Grants must be expended in the manner outlined in the application unless prior written permission has been given by Arts Narrogin.

Reproduction of work

Arts Narrogin will request a limited non-exclusive copyright license to reproduce images of the project for promotion, acquittal and annual reporting purposes in the 12 months following the completion of the project.