Do your know one of Narrogin's Unsung Heroes?

Help us uncover Narrogin’s Unsung Heroes!

Do your know one of Narrogin's Unsung Heroes?

Help us uncover Narrogin’s Unsung Heroes!


Do you know someone who’s made an outstanding contribution to life in Narrogin, but not necessarily been recognised for it?

Cuballing artist Graham Smith is calling for nominations from the public, for his project “Unsung Heroes: Revealing the Remarkable in Seemingly Ordinary People” which he presented at our inaugural Pitch n Plate live crowdfunding event, held at the Narrogin Bowling Club in January earlier this year.

Graham intends to paint portraits of at least ten of these remarkable people and exhibit them at the next “Pitch n Plate” event, to be held later this year.

In light of the challenging times we are facing, now is a better time than ever to show our appreciation for the contributions made by our community’s Unsung Heroes!

Due to the current social distancing guidelines, Graham is hoping that people can send photographs of their own to be used as references for the portrait paintings.

With Graham being fairly new to the area, the success of this project is relying on locals to help reveal the stories underlying the achievements of our community.

Who is your Unsung Hero??

Is your nominee from a service organisation, church or sporting group? Maybe they’ve done great things working with youth or the elderly? Are they a local business owner? Or have they put in untold amounts of blood, sweat and volunteer hours at a local non-profit? Perhaps they’re just a top person, the kind who always goes above-and-beyond the call of duty.

We’d love to see some nominations of individuals from indigenous community groups, volunteer firefighters and emergency workers.

Unsung Heroes are the backbone of any club or organisation, often working silently behind the scenes and being far too humble to have anyone make a fuss over them!

If you know of someone who fits the bill, please email Graham at along with some background on why your Unsung Hero is ideal for this project. If possible, please also include a photograph or two.

Image: Fire Fighter, by Graham Smith. Oil on canvas, 30cm x 40cm, 2007. From the series “Bushfires, My Heroes and Portraits.”

Visit to see more of Graham’s artwork.

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