A Night Out! A Show for the Dancer in All of Us

A Night Out! A Show for the Dancer in All of Us

MEDIA RELEASE – September 2019

A Show For The Dancer In All Of Us

A Night Out! comes to Arts Narrogin next month for everyone who have ever danced to Michael Jackson, Destiny’s Child, Fat Boy Slim, Glenn Miller or pushed it with Salt N Pepper.

Five of WA’s most talented dancers will take you on a dance journey about what has been getting us onto the dance floors for the last 100 years, from the Charleston to Hip Hop. It takes audiences on a dance time warp and covers all the moves from all the dance floors of generations right up until now.

Social dances, that inspired the work, coming from the formal court dances of the 15th century to the ‘free movement’ of solo club dancing, were for participating and socialising rather not just watching. At A Night Out! audiences are invited to do much more than watch.

A Night Out! is a show not just for dance fans but for the dancing queen in everyone.  It builds to a compelling social dance where the audience become the dancers. The dancers even offer a pre-show workshop to get your moves right. To get everyone ‘dance ready’, the dancers will work with anyone who wants to be a part of the action.

The non-dancers are very welcome to sit at the cabaret tables around the dance floor, have some juice and take in the brilliance of the professional dancers and, later in the show, their cohort of dancing queens, and kings.

The performance tracks social dance across the ages, against a brilliant soundtrack taking the audience on a journey through a history of dance styles: waltz, ballet, the Charleston, Tango, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary dance and more.

Creator Natalie Allen is an award-winning West Australian WAAPA graduate dancer and choreographer and created the show in collaboration with dancers Kynan Hughes, Rachel Ogle, Alexander Perrozzi and Imanuel Dado.

The soundtrack is available on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2VwV4KgaWZ1OmbihdrjG2u?si=0592J5uZTVOwqTNx-VdAxg

Or head to the Arts Narrogin Facebook page to dance along to the music from the show.

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