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Spike, the Echidna!

Little Wing Puppets

March 17 All day

Follow a baby echidna through the world of shadow puppetry on a journey to find out where he belongs.

Shadow Puppetry Workshop (11.30am-12.30pm)
Recommended age: Prep – Year 6
Student/Child $12
Watch as their drawings leap to life, off the page and onto the stage!
The aim of this workshop is to explore the artform of shadow puppetry. It will introduce children to an expressive hands-on story-telling medium that is highly accessible to young people. In this workshop students are led through the process of imagining and designing their own unique puppet characters. Then they are guided through the steps of realizing their designs, cutting and crafting their own individual puppets. After that, students work together in small groups to write their own shows. With an experienced shadow puppeteer to a reveal a few tricks of the trade, they then have the opportunity to perform their shows to the group on a portable shadow puppet screen.

Spike, the Echidna! Performance and Q&A (2pm)
Recommended age: 4 – 10 years
Student/Child $10 | Adult $18 | Family of 5 $50 (1 adult, 4 kids)
Combining shadow puppetry and physical comedy Spike is an interactive experience for a family audience.
Spike is the story of an echidna, who is stolen from his nest, and hatches from his egg far away from home. A young girl finds him. She is playing alone in the bush because she is being bullied by other children. He has no spikes yet and she doesn’t know what kind of creature he is. She tries to work out where he comes from, but accidently puts him in dangerous situations – in the nest of a crocodile, an emu and a turtle. He feels frightened, rejected, alone. As the story unfolds, she helps him to discover where he belongs, and he helps her to find her own “spikes” and stand up to the bullies.

Venue: Narrogin & District Senior Citizens Centre

Shadow Puppetry Workshop (11.30am – 12.30pm): Student/Child $12
Performance and Q&A (2pm): Student/Child $10 | Adult $18 | Family of 5 $50 (1 adult, 4 kids)
Available online https://www.trybooking.com/BASPQ or at ARtS SPACE (80 Federal St, Narrogin)

Starring Jenny Ellis
Written By Jenny Ellis & Anne Brooksbank
Composed By Mal Webb
Directed By Jacob Williams & Clare Batholomew
Designed By Jenny Ellis, with design concepts by Richard Bradshaw and Fabrizio Montecchi
Puppets, Sets and Lights By Jenny Ellis, Lauren Redpath, Freya Pitt and Nick Wollan